Dr. Grinspoon has been a keynote speaker on topics ranging from physician health to opioid addiction, to medical cannabis. He has presented at Grand Rounds at numerous hospitals, has served as an expert witness, and has been featured in the national media including Fox and Friends, NBC Nightly News, The Daily Show, Fox Nation, C-Span and has appeared in other outlets such as NPR, The Washington Post, People Magazine and USA Today.

According to Dr. Grinspoon, “My best talks are always those in which I go ‘off-script’ and speak extemporaneously, as during those performances my humor and passion shine through.”

He is available as a speaker on the topics of addiction, psychedelics, physician health, or any cannabis-related topic.

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Recent Speaking Engagements

UK Medical Cannabis Summit April, 2021

American Cannabis Nurses Association May 2021

Palm Beach Medical Society May 2021

Brazilian Medical Cannabis Summit November 2021

Spotlight Pennsylvania November 2021

Massachusetts General Mind Body Conference November 2021

Boston University Cannabis Science Fair – Keynote Speaker December 2021

Drexel University January 2022  Medical Cannabis

Boston University School of Medicine January 2022  Physicians and Addiction

Rivier School of Nursing April 2022 Physicians and Addiction

MGH noontime conference April 2022  Physicians and Addiction

Council For Federal Cannabis Regulation; webinar April 2022

United in Compassion (Australia) May 2022. Cannabis

Pennsylvania Pain Society June 2022

Doctors For Cannabis Regulation seminar. June 2022

Plenary speech at UMass’s ‘Lesterfest’ June 2022

Dr. Peter Grinspoon is a fantastic speaker. His expertise in deciphering and translating cannabis research is unparalleled as most in his profession have limited knowledge about the medical applications of cannabis. He is engaging with diverse audiences and should be considered one of the top speakers in the field of medical cannabis as he differentiates between scientific fact and stigma. I have, and will continue to, highly recommend him as an expert speaker on all thing’s cannabis.

Jim S, Drexel