Carl Sagan was a frequent guest in Dr. Grinspoon’s family home, here he is teaching Peter to read

Peter Grinspoon, M.D. is a primary care physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and an Instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School. He is a certified health and wellness coach. He is currently serving as a board member of the advocacy group Doctors For Cannabis Regulation, which works towards legalizing cannabis with an eye toward social justice issues. According to Wikipedia, “He is an authority on virtually all aspects of cannabis, including recreational and medical usages, as well as political issues and social history.”  In the cannabis industry, he has served as an expert witness, as a consultant, and as a medical and scientific advisor.

Dr. Grinspoon is a Contributing Editor to Harvard Health Publications. In recovery from opiate addiction, he has been a national leader on the issue of physician health and has served as an Associate Director of the Massachusetts Physician Health Service, helping physicians with addiction and mental health issues.  He is the author of the memoir Free Refills: A Doctor Confronts His Addiction published by Hachette Book Group, which was optioned by MarVista Entertainment.

He graduated with an M.A. in Philosophy with honors from Swarthmore College. He then spent five years as a Campaign Director for the environmental group Greenpeace before entering medical school at Boston University School of Medicine, where he graduated with honors. He completed his residency at Harvard’s Brigham and Woman’s Hospital. He has been on national television including NBC, C-SPAN and Fox and Friends and Fox Nation, discussing issues ranging from cannabis to the opioid crisis, he has been appeared in the national press such as on NPR: All Things Considered and in People magazine, The Washington Post, USA Today, The Boston Globe, New York Magazine. His writing has been published in The Nation, The Los Angeles Times and The Narrative Inquiry In Bioethics.