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"When two detectives showed up at Peter Grinspoon’s medical practice informing him he was being charged with fraudulently obtaining controlled substances, he knew he was screwed. Not because he was being falsely accused, but because it was true. In FREE REFILLS, Grinspoon takes us down into the special hell that is addiction— in his case it was a raging addiction to opiates that, conveniently, he could write his own prescriptions for. With sharp, dark wit, Grinspoon maintains his sense of humor in the face of near defeat, as he struggles to get (and stay) clean while his life comes apart at the seams. FREE REFILLS is a self-deprecating, brutally honest and surprisingly hilarious read. You can’t help but root for the good doctor."

DAN LYONS, author of Disrupted and writer on HBO's Silicon Valley

"Dr. Grinspoon bravely lays his complex soul bare as he tumbles from Harvard star doctor to addicted criminal. In this deeply affecting ride through the contradictions of addiction, we cringe at his arrogance, resentment and self-justification while loving his compassion, commitment and gratitude. We laugh at his cynical disdain for the simplistic platitudes and punitive inanity of the recovery world, but feel his pain as he learns humility and permits his best self to emerge. It’s a process of discovery I hope to encourage in my patients, and provides hope without sugar-coating. This is an important book for doctors and patients that blurs the boundaries because it is so fundamentally human."

MARK GREEN, MD. Addictions specialist at The Psychgarden

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