Addiction among doctors is quite common. It occurs more frequently than it does in the general population. Early in his medical career, Dr. Grinspoon developed a severe addiction to opiate painkillers. His struggles to overcome his addiction, as a doctor, with all the challenges and stigma that come along with this, are documented in his memoir Free Refills: A Doctor Confronts His Addiction. Dr. Grinspoon went on to serve as an Associate Director for the Massachusetts Physician Health Services, helping physicians overcome their addictions, using the experience, strength and hope which he developed to overcome his own addition.

As someone who has treated patients with addiction for twenty-five years, who has guided physicians with addiction, and who has suffered and overcome his own personal addiction, Dr. Grinspoon is in a unique position to help individuals and families who suffer from addiction.

Dr. Grinspoon is available to coach people and families though addictions and addiction-related issues, and to help individuals maintain their recovery. He is available to speak on any addiction-related topic, with a specialty on opiates, cannabis and physicians with addiction.

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This informational page, and the services provided by Dr. Grinspoon, are intended solely to be coaching and consultation regarding cannabis use and/or lifestyle coaching and are NOT intended to replace your regular medical, psychological, or addiction care.  For any medical attention outside the limited scope of this coaching, please work with your primary care physician or other medical specialist.  Dr. Grinspoon’s coaching and consultation practice is being provided solely as coaching and consulting, and not as a physician, and Dr. Grinspoon expressly disclaims all liability and responsibility for any medical conditions or medical care.


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